What services does MBA, LLC currently provide?

Voice Over

At Maven’s in house studio, he can fully produce any piece. Maven can announce or narrate for almost any project including PowerPoint presentations, voice mails, PodCasts, commercials, stakeholder presentations, promos, webinars, or whatever you need. Maven's range can meet your needs whether for a formal presentation or edgier fair.

Guest Speaking

Maven Bentley can fire up both large and small groups through motivational speeches or through goal-orientated workshops. Maven is a Pennsylvania Quality Assurance System approved facilitator of workshops in communications and program management. He is a favorite of early education teachers and spoken to crowds of over 3,000. His offbeat sense of humor makes him a favorite for hostile audiences.


Maven Bentley is a SAG eligible actor and has appeared in the award winning movie The Wrestler, commercials, and television shows. Maven's range extends from dramatic pieces to slap slick comedy. Maven is also quite comfortable with improvisation and working with children.

Professional Wrestling

The MBA, LLC is a full service promotion company that can do everything from providing the Maven Bentley character to producing full shows, including ring set up, booking, and advertising. Maven has done everything in this business from ring announcing to wrestling, and from running locker rooms to providing liability protection for such prestigious companies as TNA, ROH, WXW, and CZW.

Ring Announcing 

Maven has a decade of experience ring announcing for pro wrestling and MMA. He is currently the voice of Locked in the Cage and has served as senior announcer for WXW in PA and FL. Maven is known for exciting crowds and creating the "big fight feel" regardless of marquee value. 

Rates for any of these services can be obtained by emailing Maven at maven@mavenbentley.com